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Trompe l'oeil  (Tromp-loy) Fr. Trompe, to deceive + le, the + oeil, eye.
A painting technique that gives an illusion of photographic realism bringing imagination and fantasy to full realization. A visual solution to architectural limitations and providing thematic focus, balance and impact.

Faux Finishes  (Fo) Fr. Faux, artificial, false.
General term for a variety of painted effects such as rag rolling and sponging. Faux Boix (Fo-Bwah) refers to painted wood graining. Faux stone may range from rough, natural looking stone to highly polished marble.

Distressing and Antiquing
Creating the unique characteristics of age and wear to walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, fixtures and hardware, etc., using paint techniques and/or actual surface treatments such as texturing.

Murals and Stenciling
Murals can dramatically manipulate space or crown an artistic statement. Whether realistic (Trompe l'oeil) or highly stylized, all require a high degree of skill and vision. Stenciling is one of many other techniques employed to realize a variety of effects.